Clothing that are worn by Africans and people who keeps the culture alive.

African Attire

Free Size (fits up to 2X) Unisex Side Pockets Colorful African Print Design Available in orange, purple, green, blue, pink, red, yellow and black
These dresses are are colorful and is an African fashion. The colors are vibrant and fabric is waxed. It’s 100 % cotton and is imported. Each dress comes with a...
This long maxi skirt comes with a scarf. 
This colorful dress is fitted and it flares. 
This yellow and black dress is 100%  cotton. It is high in the front and long in the back. This dress was imported. It could be worn off the shoulder....
8 Panal Skirts with matching scarfs. One size fits up to a 2x  
These skirts are a shorter version the the African maxi skirts but the still covers the knee. This skirt is great for any woman. The headbands are included.
These palazzo pants looks exactly like a skirt. Only a few will know. The colorful design consist of black yellow and white. Fits up to a size 2x